Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is situated in the southwest of Sichuan Province. It borders Ya’an City and Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to the north from Dadu River, faces Yunnan Province to the south across Jinsha River, neighbors Zhaotong City of Yunnan Province and the cities of Yibin and Leshan of Sichuan Province on the east, and links Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture on the west. It lies at 26°03′-29°27′ N and 100°15′-103°53′ E. Liangshan covers an area of 60,423 square kilometers and under its jurisdiction are 610 townships and residential districts in the capital city of Xichang, and the 16 counties of Dechang, Huili, Huidong, Ningnan, Puge, Butuo, Zhaojue, Jingyang, Leibo, Meigu, Ganluo, Yuexi, Xide, Mianning, Yanyuan, and Muli Tibetan Autonomous County.  It is home to14 ethnic groups, such as Yi, Han, Tibetan, Hui, Miao, Mongolian, Lisu, Dai, Naxi, Buyi, Zhuang, B.......【more】

Geological Landform
Liangshan is located in the northeastern margin of the Hengduan Mountains system in Sichuan’s southwest between the Sichuan Basin and Yunnan Plateau with complex geological landform. In terms of geological tectonic location, it is in the southwestern.......【more】
Liangshan has a subtropical monsoon climate, with large daily temperature difference and small yearly temperature variance. It is neither freezing cold in winter nor scorching hot in summer with clear dry and rainy seasons and obvious 3-D weather. Ju.......【more】
Since ancient times, Liangshan has been an important passage to southwestern border of China, and a necessary part of the ancient Southern Silk Road and the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Early in the Qin and Han dynasties, the central imperial courts had s.......【more】
Natural Resources
Liangshan is the core of Panxi Pilot Area for National Strategic Resources. Its resources are highly concentrated with superior combination and great development potential. Hydropower resources. The exploitation amount is 6.924 million kilowatts, acc.......【more】
National Economy
In 2014, the GDP totaled 131.43 billion yuan, representing an increase of 8.5% over the year of 2013. The added-value of the primary industry was 25.33 billion yuan, increased by 4.5%, whose contribution to economic growth rate reached 9.3%; the adde.......【more】
People's Livelihood
In 2014, the disposable income of urban residents reached 23,609 yuan, an increase of 8.8% over the previous year. The total retail sales of consumer goods reached 44.78 billion yuan, up by 12.8%. The per capita consumption expenditure was 16,525 yua.......【more】

Colourful Liangshan
Colourful Liangshan
Fantasy Lugu Lake
Liangshan China
Liangshan Dance
Beautiful Scenery of Liangshan-Luoji Mountain
Major Investment Activities
During Well-Known Chinese and Foreign Enterprises’ Visit to Sichuan, Liangshan actively took part in the three organized provincial activities, including Provincial Leaders Meeting with Representatives of well-known enterprises; it organized the Briefing on Investment and Industries in Liangshan Yi .......【more】
Investment Cooperation
In 2014, Liangshan furthered cooperation with Chengdu, Panzhihua, Zhuhai, relevant Sichuan Provincial Departments and 12 cities and prefectures from Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces. Four cadres were dispatched to work in the offices of Sichuan People’s Government in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Xiamen .......【more】
Investment Attracting
In 2014, 203 signed projects were honored with a paid-in fund of 46.523 billion yuan from outside Liangshan, accounting for 155.08% of the 30 billion yuan target set for the year and 132.92% of the 35 billion yuan target to strive for, including 78 new agreement projects in 2014 with a paid-in fund .......【more】
In 2014, the development of e-commerce was taken as an important breakthrough to change the development mode, to adjust the economic structure, to transfer the surplus capacity, and to  promote the transformation and upgrading in an effort to create the native platform for wide application and to at.......【more】
Development of service industry
As  “Year for Foundations” in the commerce system of Liangshan, the year 2014 witnessed the vigorous promotion of projects and institutional guarantee, presenting a good situation of “increasingly strong foundations, accelerated promotion of key projects, and perfecting policy mechanisms. The added value of service industry in Liangshan in2014 reached  36.76 billion yuan, increased by 6.7% over 2013. The first was to establish and improve work mechanism and policy system for service industry focusing on efforts in laying foundations, establishing mechanism and strengthening guarantee. Leading groups of Liangshan and each county for service in.......【more】
Urban and rural consumption
The total retail sales of social consumer goods of 2014 amounted to 42.8 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8% as compared with that of the same period of 2013, and 0.8 percentage point higher than the target set by Sichuan province. The urban and rural markets were prosperous and vigorous, and the construction of market circulating system was becoming increasingly mature. The first was the improving modern circulation system. The advancement of “comprehensive pilot programs of modern circulation for agricultural products in China” and "Ten Thousand Villages and One Thousand Townships"  market project was accelerated. Three pilot projects were c.......【more】
Open economy
In 2014, Liangshan’s utilized overseas investment was US$41.39 million, and the total import and export value of foreign trade was US$82.63 million, reaching both goals set by Sichuan provincial government. Firstly, thirty-two enterprises, including Sichuan Huantai Industrial Co., Ltd, Huili Yuanyuan Agricultural Specialty Co., Ltd, Sichuan Sanjiang Tartary Buckwheat Technology Development Co., Ltd, Xichang Zhengzhong Food Co., Ltd, and Dechang Yuankun Green Fruit Industrial Co., Ltd, were organized to participate in events themed “Vigorous Sichuan Enterprises and Global Business Presence” for 10 thousand enterprises to go abroad, such as Can.......【more】
Photo Gallery

Qionghai Lake Wetland
Qionghai Lake
Xichang Artificial Satellite Base
Scenic Beauty of Mianning
Lugu Lake
Lugu Lake Flavour
The Ancient City of Huili
“The Plan for Building and Upgrading ‘A’ Scenic Areas in Liangshan” was launched in an effort to build 29 “A” scenic areas so as to enhance the competitiveness of Liangshan’s tourism industry in an all round way; steady progress was made to build Qionghai Lake-Lushan Mountain Scenic Area into a 5A scenic area, including the vigorous construction projects of the fifth phase “Meng Xun Hua Hai” (Dream of Flowers) and the sixth phase “Meng Hui Tian Yuan” (Dream Garden) of th.......【more】
Tourism Planning
Liangshan Master Plan of Tourism Development was drafted; Meetings were held to review relevant tourism plans of Xichang, Xide, Mianning, Jinyang, and Butuo; “Three-Year Action Plan for Tourism Development in Tibetan Areas of Sichuan” was launched to boost tourism development in Liangshan’s Tibetan areas; the proposal on Liangshan was revised and completed in Tourism Development Plan for Wumeng Mountain Area; positive efforts were made to get 7.55 million yuan from Sichu.......【more】
Tourism Summary
Tourism in Liangshan focused on the tone to pursue scientific development and to accelerate development set by the CPC Liangshan Committee and Liangshan Prefectural People’s Government. The spirit of the Prefectural Economic Work Conference was fully implemented to serve the multi-point and multi-polar supporting development strategy in a positive way, to carry out the strategy of exquisite tourism products vigorously, to strengthen the leading role of tourism, and to pr.......【more】


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